AU Summer Application Form for Academic Camps

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If you are applying to an academic camp or institute, the following items must also be provided to the Office of Summer Programs in order for your application to be considered:
  • 2 letters of recommendation from teachers, on school letterhead.
  • Copy of an up-to-date transcript (to January 2018) or most recent report card.
  • A one-page essay telling us why you wish to attend this program (in your own words, with your signature at the bottom.)
  • List of math & science courses you've taken, if applying to Chemistry Camp.
  • Two samples of your writing (no more than 4 pages each; can be excerpts from longer works) if applying to Creative Writing Camp.
Send to Office of Summer Programs, Alfred University, 1 Saxon Drive, Alfred, NY 14802. Fax to 607-871-2045, or scan (PDF form only) and email to

I have read and understood that my application will not be considered complete until the Office of Summer Programs receives the additional materials indicated above.


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