Summer Programs
Summer Term

In the summer, Alfred University is a great place to live and learn. The weather's great, the scenery beautiful, and with a lighter course load, you can enjoy the surrounding area at your leisure. Find out more about the Alfred community.

Alfred University Summer Terms offer a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. Two six-week sessions, special short-term courses of 2, 3 or 4 weeks, on-line courses, internships and independent studies allow you to easily plan a schedule that fits your needs and interests.

Summer Term 2018

Summer Term (12 weeks) -- May 14-August 3
Summer Session I (6 weeks) -- May 14-June 22
Session I-A (3 weeks) -- May 14-June 1
Session 1-B (3 weeks) -- June 4-June 22
Summer Session II (6 weeks) -- June 25-August 3
4-Week Session II -- June 25-July 20

Short-term Summer Courses - dates vary, please refer to the SS schedule for details

Why should I consider taking a Summer Term course at/through Alfred University?

  • You can complete a full semester course within a few weeks
  • You can make up a course to improve on a grade received during the Fall or Spring term
  • You can concentrate on one course without the burden of a heavy course load
  • You can lighten your course load in the Fall and Spring
  • Smaller classes
  • Online Classes
  • You can receive more individualized attention
  • You can advance your academic standing
  • You can accelerate your degree
  • You can also take graduate courses, or prepare for graduate study

Summer Term Classes are open to current Alfred University students, incoming first year students, transfer students and undergraduate and graduate students from other colleges and universities. Courses at the 100 and 200 levels are also open to local, commuting, high school juniors and seniors.