Women's and Gender Studies
Abigail Allen Awards

Abigail AllenThe Abigail Allen Award: Honoring Those Who Improve the Quality of Women's Lives
The Abigail Allen Award is given in memory of Abigail Allen, a founding mother of Alfred University, who dedicated her life's work to advancing the cause of coeducation and encouraging women to pursue higher education. In so doing, she contributed immeasurably to improving the quality of women's lives on our campus and in the wider community.

The faculty/ staff award is presented to a faculty or staff member who has contributed to our campus and community by improving the quality of women's lives and whose exceptional efforts deserve recognition in this vein.

The student award is given to an outstanding senior Women's and Gender Studies minor whose academic performance and service to the university community, particularly to the Women's and Gender Studies community, exemplifies the standards established by Abigail Allen herself.

Winners of the Abigail Allen Award:

Faculty/Staff: Dr. Melissa Ryan, Associate Professor of English
Student: Jasmine Ramon, class of 2016

Faculty/Staff: Dr. Robyn Goodman, Professor of Communication Studies
Students: Dianna Bennett, class of 2015, and Bridgette Ortiz, class of 2015

Faculty/Staff: Dr. Kerry Kautzman, Associate Professor of Spanish
Student: Kelly McNamara, class of 2014

Faculty/Staff: Dr. Louis Lichtman, Professor of Psychology

Faculty/Staff: Dr. Cecilia Beach, Professor of French
Student: Kevin Carr, class of 2012

Alumna Award: Sherry Walton, class of 1980
Faculty/Staff: Kathy Woughter, VP Student Affairs
Student: Hannah Certis, class of 2010

Alumna Award: Christa Nyman Christakis, class of 2001
Faculty/Staff: Sandra Singer, Professor of German
Student Award: Laura Reyome, class of 2010

Alumna Award: Christa Nyman Christakis, class of 2001
Faculty/Staff: Susan Mayberry, Professor of English
Student Award: Cori Pignatelli, class of 2009

Alumna Award: Terry Knopf, class of 1988
Faculty/Staff: Linda Mitchell, Professor of History
Student Award: Catherine Aiello, class of 2008

Alumna Award: Rev. Dr. Elizabeth Sidar Hall, class of 1970
Faculty/Staff: Fiona Tolhurst, Professor of English
Student Award: Crystal Lehman, class of 2007

Alumna Award: Sara Wall-Bollinger, class of 1976; Director, Enable of Central New York
Faculty/Staff: Susan Strong, Reference Librarian
Student Award: Megan Gray, class of 2006

Alumna Award: Martha Z. Lewin, class of 1965; Executive Director, WomenRising, Inc.
Faculty/Staff: Susan Morehouse, Associate Professor of English
Student Award: Beth Glotz, class of 2005

Alumna Award: Karla Turkheimer Moskowitz, class of 1963; New York State Supreme Court Justice
Faculty/Staff: Vicki Eaklor, Professor of History
Student Award: Fenna Mandolang, class of 2004

Faculty/Staff Award: Pam Lakin, Research Services Librarian
Student Award: Sarah Guariglia, class of 2003; MFA candidate, Creative Writing, Emerson College

Faculty/Staff Award: Gail Walker, Professor of Psychology
Student Award: Angela Young, class of 2002; Executive Assistant, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association

Alumna Award: Pamela Strother, class of 1991; Executive Director, National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association (NLGJA)
Faculty/Staff Award: Sharon Hoover, Professor of English Emerita
Student Award: Emilie Hardman, class of 2001; Ph.D. candidate, Sociology, Brandeis University

Alumna Award: Patricia Riley, class of 1965, Assistant U.S. Attorney
Faculty/Staff Award: Karen Porter, Professor of Sociology

Alumna Award: Megan Allen, class of 1998; Communications Specialist, Capital Region BOCES
Faculty/Staff Award: Carol Burdick, Adjunct Assistant Professor of English Emerita