Women's and Gender Studies
Roundtable Series

The Women's and Gender Studies program schedules presentations on a topic involving women's and gender issues. Each topic is presented by a faculty or staff member, panel, visiting speaker, or community member and is open to anyone who wishes to attend. After each presentation, there is an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the issue presented. The issues addressed by the roundtable vary greatly, making it accessible to students and professors from diverse fields of study. The final roundtable each year is an open forum presentation by the graduating Women's and Gender Studies minors who discuss their senior projects.

The roundtables are held on Fridays from 12:20-1:10 p.m. in the Women's Leadership Center, or the Knight Club. All of the roundtables are free and open to the public.

Recent WGST Roundtables include:

Spring, 2011
A History of Feminism in High School Textbooks
Hannah Certis

Spring, 2010
Working Moms Making It Work.
Luanne Crosby, Nancy Evangelista, and Dani Gagne

What the WLC is Doing for AU's Women:
Members of the Academy speaking about its impact on their lives

Fall, 2009
Working Girls: Prodigal Daughters Return.
WMST alumnae: Paula Epps (BFA ’07) & Meg Gray (BAFA ’06)

Fall, 2009
"The Ladies Sing the Blues"
Vicki Eaklor

Spring, 2009
"Purity and Porn"
Kerry Kautzman

Spring, 2009
Au Students
Speaking about Summer Internships and Experiences

Fall, 2008
Lori Damrosch, Columbia Law School
"Women in International Law"

Fall, 2008
Shades, AU Student Group
"Sex Trafficking"

Spring, 2007
Carol Burdick, Assistant Professor of English Emerita, and Becky Prophet, Professor of Theater
"'Samantha': A Pioneer Comic Feminist finds her Voice "

Spring, 2007
Linda Mitchell, Professor of History
"'Dichotomies, Schmichotomies! Why Everything -Even Gender-Came in Threes in the Middle Ages. "

Spring, 2007
Graduating Women's and Gender Studies minors
Senior project presentations