Women's and Gender Studies
Roundtable Series

The Women's and Gender Studies program sponsors a monthly presentation dealing with topics centered on feminist and/or gender issues. The Roundtables are presented by faculty, staff, students, a visiting speaker, or a community member. All of the roundtables are free and open to the public. After each presentation, there is an opportunity to ask questions and to discuss the topic presented. The issues addressed by the Roundtable vary greatly, making it accessible to people from diverse fields of study. The final roundtable each year is a presentation by the graduating Women's and Gender Studies minors who discuss their senior capstone projects.

Recent WGST Roundtables:

2015 - 2016

  • “Conditioned to it in our society: Standards of Women at Alfred University, 1972” by Laurie McFadden
  • “Late Summer’s Origami: Poetry Reading” by Heather Yanda
  • “Feminist Themes in the Writing of Gertrude Stein” by Robert Reginio
  • "Feminism and Gender in Visual Culture: Current Issues" by Hope Childers' Women|Art|History class
  • "Storytelling:  A Culture's Information Highway" by Becky Prophet
  • Graduating WGST minor capstone presentation: "Hot, Sexy and Stereotyped: Latina Women in the Media" by Jasmine Ramón

2014 - 2015

  • "Body Image, Mass Media and Wellness: Loving Your Body in the Age of Photoshop and Airbrushing" by Ana Devlin-Gauthier
  • "Not a Happy Ending: Lesbians in Hollywood Films" by Vicki Eaklor
  • “Other People’s Reactions: A Social View of Sexual Assault” by Beth Johnson
  • "Never Say Bi: The Non-Existence of Bisexuality in Fictional Media" by Lydia Galarneau
  • "Anne Boleyn's Sleeve: Poems About One of History's Most Hated Women" by Juliana Gray
  • Graduating WGST minors’ capstone presentations:
    • Dianna Bennett, "Is Poverty Still Feminized? An Examination Of Scholarship Citing Pearce’s 'Feminization Of Poverty'"
    • Serina Forsythe,"From the Domestic's Desk"
    • Ari Daniels, “Race and Gender”
    • Brigitte Ortiz, “Forged in the Crucibles of Difference: Mothers in Multicultural Women's Writing”