Women's and Gender Studies
Alumnae Success Stories

Carolyn Corrado '02
Carolyn Corrado is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in sociology at SUNY Albany, where she also has a teaching assistantship. This summer she is teaching her first class, titled "The Sociology of Race, Gender, and Class."

Corrado says that her coursework in WGST laid a strong foundation for her personal and professional life. "Through the coursework, roundtables, and opportunities that I had as a Women's and Gender Studies minor at AU, I have come to know myself and what I believe in and parlay that into my career." She continued, "All of my Women's [and Gender] Studies courses and professors stayed true to the AU Women's and Gender Studies mission: To `be radical, radical to the core.'"

Megan Allen '98
Megan Allen, who founded The Alphadelphian newsletter as a student at AU, is currently a communications specialist with Capital Region BOCES, working for the Niskayuna Central School District.

Allen says her WGST coursework at AU "helped me see all that we've gained and how far we still have to go to have gender equality in our society."

Kelly Smith '97
For the past five years, Kelly Smith has worked for Merrill Lynch, where the currently manages recruitment for the firm's Investment Banking Analyst Program and its University Relations Group.

Smith says that her WGST classes "were the first situations in which I was able to gain my own voice. I was incredibly passionate about the topics in a way that I never felt before. It was really when I began to come into who I am as a woman."

Smith cited Karen Porter's Sociology of Sex and Gender as her favorite WGST course at AU. "I often think about all of those classes and crave those discussions and the tremendous spirit and perspective I gained from my peers and professors."

Erin McKenna Nowak '95
Erin McKenna Nowak is a graphic designer, artist, and proud new mother. She has been a children's book designer in NYC and has taught graphic design courses in Chicago. She now runs her own business, Bride Design, which creates high-end handmade invitations and stationery.

"My studies informed me of our society's need for future generations of confident, competent, and fearless women. I hope to instill those qualities in my child each day, while remaining true to myself as a business owner, a wife, and most of all ... as a woman."

Michaela Cavallaro '94
Michaela Cavallaro is the first woman and youngest person ever to hold the post of editor at Mainebiz, a statewide business newspaper based in Portland, ME. She was recently named the Maine 2005 Small Business Journalist of the Year and the New England Regional Small Business Journalist of the Year.

During her tenure at Mainebiz, Cavallaro has written on a number of women's issues including gender pay equity and the working poor.

Of the WGST minor, Cavallaro says, "The knowledge I gained in women's [and gender] studies classes formed a solid foundation for my career and life."

Karla Turkheimer Moskowitz '63
When Karla Turkheimer Moskowitz graduated from AU, she never expected that she would pursue a career in the legal field. Today, however, she is a New York State Supreme Court Justice and community leader.

Moscowitz graduated two decades before the inception of AU's Women's and Gender Studies Program, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming a benefactor of and outspoken advocate for the program. "I believe that all of us - women and men - have a responsibility to assist those who follow us. Women, in particular, need help in combating stereotyping that permeates our upbringing, education, and work lives," Moskowitz explains.