Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free writing assistance to all Alfred University students (undergraduate and graduate), faculty, and support personnel. Our student tutors represent a wide range of disciplines. Each tutor is trained to deal with all kinds of writing tasks such as:

Pre-writing - discovery of ideas; generating a thesis

Drafting - organizing thoughts and materials; developing evidence; incorporating research

Revision - editing; presentation issues

Whatever your need -- whether a quick grammar brush-up or long-term assistance with a research paper -- we can help you improve your writing abilities and gain confidence as a writer.

In addition to providing tutoring services, the Writing Center organizes and sponsors events related to writing, such as kickoff parties for National Novel Writing Month, faculty discussions and workshops on teaching writing in the disciplines, and readings by visiting writers.

The Writing Center houses a library of books and journals about writing and the teaching of writing. We have style manuals for most major documentation styles, including MLA, APA, and Chicago as well as a large variety of handbooks. Our publications include an annual newsletter and collections of award-winning writing by Alfred students. To view the newsletter you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have it, click get Acrobat to download a free version of the software.

Current students can schedule an appointment and find links to helpful handouts at our MyAlfred website!

How To Use the Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in Seidlin 003. To make an appointment visit my.alfred.edu/writing and register for our online sign up system. The tutors at the Writing Center represent a variety of writing backgrounds. All of us feel we can help you with any type of writing, but if you would rather go to someone in your major, our online schedule will provide you with information about each of the tutors so you can choose the one who suits you best.

Sitting down with a tutor to look over and discuss a paper is the best way to not only improve that paper, but your writing, and confidence, in general.

Writing Center Tutoring


Vicky Westacott,
AU Writing Center