what's her face.

Victoria Kue

Victoria's studio practice stems from her query of autobiography and the investigation of the female narrative within her Hmong-American perspective. Victoria's observations from cultural, bodily, and emotional experiences direct her approach to material and representation. Her sculpture, installation, drawings, and abstractions evoke conversations about self-identity through patterns, color, and language.

what's her face. pushes back at the familial interrogation of a sexually-active Hmong-American woman who negotiates and claims ownership with her identity, body, and sexuality. Using the house as the setting to confront self-identity, what’s her face. explores placement, function, and language within domestic objects as a way to recognize the discomfort, struggles, and paradoxes within sexual relationships.

This was a Cohen Artistic Promise Prize Exhibition alongside Ladia Guerra's The Sweat Life

The 2016 Cohen Artistic Promise Prize recognized two graduating seniors whose work, hunger, sustained growth and ambition marked them out as those who would continue on as artists beyond their academic training. The Prize, which granted the recipients concurrent solo shows at the Cohen 18 months following graduation, was designed to foster the growth begun in school, encourage the continuation of artistic practice and support the drive needed to reach full artistic potential.