2007-08 Exhibits

Checkerboard of exhibits

Wayne Higby

Earth Cloud

Earth, sky, time, light, space: Wayne Higby's work is a meditation on the relationship between mind and matter. It is not about landscape. EarthCloud is the largest hand cut porcelain, architectural installation in the world.

Undertow exhibition poster

Undertow Counter Currents & Excavations


Undertow presents four emerging artists from Brooklyn and Chicago in an exhibition of conceptual sculpture and installation excavating human history, discovery, and personal memory.

Some People exhibition poster

Some People Alfred, NY


Harrell Fletcher along with Dallas Kavanagh, Elizabeth Emery, Terese Longva, Steve Randall, Tom Shim, Shannon Yoder, Matthew Corson-Finnerty, Rebecca Gray, Kaye Waltman, Alicia Eggert, Ben Martel, Mills Anne, Joe Bigley, Brett Hansen, James Pastore, Angie To, Michelle Illuminato, Freshman Foundations Class of 2011

Liminal exhibition installation view



D. Chase Angier, assistant professor of dance, in collaboration with Marketa Fantova, assistant professor of theater design; and John Laprade, a musician who divides his time between Alfred and New York City, will be creating the large-scale sculptural and time-based art project.