Andy Brayman, Paul Eshelman, Tomoo Hamada, Sarah Jaeger, Ole Jensen, Paul Kotula, Sonngard Marcks, Gary Noffke, Lisa Orr, Mark Pharis, Kari Radasch, Sandy Simon, Rob Sutherland, Sam Uhlick, Takeshi Yasuda

Opening Reception: October 14, 7-9 pm

Curated by Linda Sikora and Albion Stafford

Presenting a cross section of current ceramic work this show will address the subject of function and implicating the site/space of the table. Fourteen artists collectively represent practices in Canada, Denmark, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and United States.

Andy Brayman - Blue and White Double Curve Bowl Click to view Andy Brayman - Blue and White Double Curve Bowl Full-Screen

Andy Brayman - Blue and White Double Curve Bowl, 2011, Porcelain, 5.5"x16.25"x14.25", photo by Andy Brayman

Tomoo Hamada - Vase Click to view Tomoo Hamada - Vase Full-Screen

Tomoo Hamada - Vase, Kaki glaze with akae decoration, 9.5"x10"x6.75", photo by Keith McWilliams

Ole Jensen - Colander Click to view Ole Jensen - Colander Full-Screen

Ole Jensen - Colander, 1994, Faience, 8.5"x9"x8.5", Manufacturer: Royal Copenhagen, 1997-2009, photo by Jeppe Gudmundsen Holmgreen

Paul Kotula - Setting for One Click to view Paul Kotula - Setting for One Full-Screen

Paul Kotula - Setting for One, 2011, Stoneware, porcelain, glass, wood, 6"x23.5"x14.25", photo by Paul Kotula

Lisa Orr - Butter Dish Click to view Lisa Orr - Butter Dish Full-Screen

Lisa Orr - Butter Dish, 2011, Earthenware with slips, sprigs and polychrome glazes, 4"x8"x4", photo by Lisa Orr

Kari Radasch - Tablescape Click to view Kari Radasch - Tablescape Full-Screen

Kari Radasch - Tablescape, 2011, Glaze fired terra cotta with iron decals and silicone rubber, Slab built, Sip Cast and Coil built dishes, 27"x18", photo by Kari Radasch

Rob Sutherland - Jar Click to view Rob Sutherland - Jar Full-Screen

Rob Sutherland - Jar, 2006, porcelain, cone 10, 8"x6"x6", photo by Rob Sutherland

Sam Uhlick - Teapots Click to view Sam Uhlick - Teapots Full-Screen

Sam Uhlick - Teapots, iron slip, scrafitto, transparent glaze, stoneware, 6"x10"x7" each, photo by Sam Uhlick

Takeshi Yasuda - Five Bottles Click to view Takeshi Yasuda - Five Bottles Full-Screen

Takeshi Yasuda - Five Bottles, 2011, porcelain, cone 10, reduction firing, 11" to 20", photo by Takeshi Yasuda