Exploding Boundaries Faculty and Staff Explorations in Drawing

Brian Arnold, Michael Ashley, Treavor Bennett, Leslie Bellavance, Æsa Bjork, Peer Bode, Xiawen Chen, William Contino, Anne Currier, Andrew Deutsch, Gerar Edizel, Andrea Gill, John Gill, Jason Green, Devin Henry, Wayne Higby, Paul Higham, Allison Hoag, Robin Howard, Brett Hunter, Mahlon Huston, Michelle Illuminato, Dale Inglett, Mark Klingensmith, Nicholas Kuder, Coral Lambert, Barbara Lattanzi, Lise Lemeland, Judy Livingston, Ashley Lyon, Nicholas Marshall, Lydia McCarthy, Sharon McConnell, Walter McConnell, Mary Mcinnes, Stephanie, McMahon, Theodore Morgan, Shawn Murrey, Angus Powers, Mario Prisco, Joseph Scheer, Linda Sikora, Kala Stein, Christopher Taylor, Angie To, Fred Tschida, Kristen Tordella-Williams, Kathy Vejda, Alex Williams, Donald Weinhart, Kevin Wixted, Hope Zaccagni

Opening Reception: March 6, 7-9 pm

Drawing Symposium at the Fosdick-Nelson Gallery with a panel of faculty moderated by Gerar Edizel, Wednesday, March 20, 5 pm

Drawing has experienced a renewal of critical attention as the lines of demarcation between drawing, painting, digital images and sculpture continue to blur, merge and influence one another. This exhibition features work by more than fifty faculty and staff from the School of Art and Design and celebrates their long standing commitment to the practice of drawing.