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AMA chapter visits Philadelphia for marketing experience

Each year the Alfred University chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) strives to send members across the country to experience marketing outside of the classroom. Earlier this academic year, the Wharton School of Business Chapter (MUSE) of AMA the University Pennsylvania invited AMA members to the 2008 Wharton Undergraduate Marketing Conference.

The event, on Nov. 7, 2008, focused on “The New Age of Marketing.” Five AUAMA members traveled six hours, along with College of Business Assistant Dean Lori Hollenbeck to engage in a day packed with marketing professionals sharing stories and inspiring students for their future in the marketing field.

The conference began with an introduction encouraging fellow AMA members to pay attention and learn to work with the change in today’s society. Keith Niedermeir, director of undergraduate programs and adviser of MUSE told students, “Our goal is to try to deliver messages to the consumer when everything in the world around us is changing.”

Throughout the rest of the day the students divided into different speaker sessions throughout Jon M. Huntsman Hall on the UPenn Campus. In one session, Rob Drury, director of client partnerships with Lead Dog Marketing group, taught that with the constant change in technology in today’s society, consumers are becoming numb to traditional marketing strategies such as magazine ads, billboards, and commercials. Therefore, marketers have to adopt the concept of non-traditional marketing to produce a successful and attention-bearing marketing advantage to earn the loyalty, preference, and interest of potential consumers. With examples from the real world, students quickly learned that “consumer is king, we have a voice now and need to be spoken to, not spoken at.”

Evelyn Porter, a sophomore marketing major at AU, noted the session was “really geared to the future which was helpful to us as students.” She continued, “It was a good supplement to what we learned in the classroom and we were exposed to something that will be big for our own generation of marketing.”

Another popular session with the students, on mobile marketing, was presented by the keynote speaker. Vladimir Edelman, chief executive officer of Ansible, a worldwide mobile communication service company, explained how marketing through text messaging and cellular phone can be both dangerous and popular to the consumer. The cell phone is a popular product that is intimate to all consumers. He explained that cell phones have become so popular that there are more mobile phones in the world then indoor plumbing, and TV’s and PCs combined.

Mobile marketing has several pros and cons compared to alternative marketing strategies; however the strength is the intimate connection, ability to track success and the guaranteed receptiveness of the target message, and ability to engage consumers with a brand.

“The presentation reaffirmed my interested in emerging innovative technologies and helped me understand the importance of understanding mobile technology as a necessary method of establishing and improving relationships between consumers and brands” stated senior marketing major, Irving Escobar.

Jessica Marble, a sophomore marking major, particularly noted the speaker session titled “Success Strategies for your Marketing Career” by Angela Morsa, founder of Active Integrated Marking. Morsa, with over 18 years of experience in direct response marketing and advertising, gave students 10 major things to remember while looking for or on the job in the future. Her advice ranged from staying out of drama, to looking professional, to finding and learning from mentors.
Marble noted, “I really enjoyed hearing her honesty about the pay gap between men and women that is still apparent in the marketing world. The advice she gave me is helpful, truthful, and sure to come into use after I complete my higher education. I appreciated everything she had to say.”

At the end of the day, students had the opportunity to work with Barbara Hewitt and Samantha Camoni, both of the Career Services Center at the University of Pennsylvania. Their interactive session reminded the students of ways to practice and perfect their styles for interviews while offering little tips about problems students often overlook in the excitement of preparing for an interview.

When AMA members from the AU chapter have opportunities to travel to difference schools, learn outside the classroom, and network with professionals, it provides them with professional and personal growth which then leads to development in the AU AMA chapter.

Porter noted, “The conference helped me to focus in on emerging marketing strategies and find ways to integrate them into the AU AMA chapter.”

— Jessica Marble ’11