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Do you like to bike, golf, sightsee? Join us on a pre-Reunion trek to Alfred!

In 2008 four bikers from the Alfred University class of 1958 biked 280 miles to their 50th reunion from a starting point north of Philadelphia. It was so much fun that two of us, Andy Seaman and Roger Eiss, have decided to bike to the 2010 reunion. Jack Heims ’60 will join us to ride to his 50th reunion.

This year we will bike from Newburgh to Alfred, 300 miles. (Andy and Roger were friends together in
grade school in Washingtonville, near Newburgh, many years before we found ourselves reunited in
Alfred’s Class of 1958.)

But why only the class of ’58? Why only bikers? We propose something more ambitious:
• A five-day bike route
• Golfing at interesting courses along the way
• Sightseeing—enjoying the many wonderful attractions between Newburgh and Alfred
• A special invitation to all Golden Saxons and members of the class of 1960 (soon to become
Golden Saxons) to show that we can outdo many who are half our age
• All alumni welcome!

Why settle for a two-day reunion when you can extend it and have fun while you are with friends (or
making new friends) doing interesting things on the way to the reunion? If you don’t want to bike or golf every day, perhaps you can alternate it with spending time sightseeing. If you are a biker or a golfer, and your spouse doesn’t share your enthusiasm, perhaps your spouse can sightsee while you bike or golf.

If you would like to bike but worry that you can’t bike 60 miles a day, we’ll work to help you find a
teammate; with a bike and a car you can each bike half the route each day and drive and sightsee the other half. Or perhaps three can share 20 miles a day each.

If you don’t want to travel the entire route, you can join us at a point along the way.

Interested? We’d love to hear from you. Even if you don’t bike or golf, if you live near Route 17,
perhaps we can find a way to make contact with you as we pass. In 2008 Richard Bauer ‘58 hosted a
wonderful lunch at his home as we passed through Elmira. You can join the golfers or join us on a bike as we pass through your area, or host a tour for visiting sightseers while they are in your area.

Join us! Or let us know if you are thinking about it, so we can give you follow-up information as the date draws nearer!

Here are our ideas for the trip itineraries …

Draft Bikers’ Itinerary:
To be finalized by bikers when we know who will bike.
• Saturday June 5: Day 0: Newburg. The troops gather.
• Sunday June 6: Day 1: Newburg to Port Jervis. Approx. 50 miles.
• Monday June 7: Day 2: Port Jervis to Long Eddy. Approx 55 miles.
• Tuesday June 8: Day 3: Long Eddy to eastern Binghamton area. Approx. 65 miles.
• Wednesday June 9: Day 4: Through Binghamton area to Elmira. Approx. 70 miles (pretty flat;
this was an easy leg of our trip in 2008.)
• Thursday June 10: Day 5: Elmira to Hornell. Approx 60 miles. Dinner at Sunset Inn.
• Friday June 11 through Sunday June 13: Alfred University Reunion.

Golfers’ Itinerary:
The number and location of golfing events will be determined by golfers when we know who they are.
Two have signed up and have identified several other potential golfers; will you join them? Potential
locations include Newburgh, Roscoe/Long Eddy, Binghamton, Elmira, and Wellsville for the AU
Reunion golf scramble. Don’t overlook the Mark Twain golf course at Elmira (Twain married an
Elmira girl and spent his summers there!)

Sightseers’ Itinerary:
Here are some preliminary possibilities:
• Brotherhood Winery in Washingtonville, the oldest winery in America.
• A visit to the ceramic studio of Linda Rahl-Nadas ’58.
• Gillinder Glass Factory and Museum, Port Jervis. Visitors can blow glass!
• New York State wineries in the Finger Lakes region.
• Corning Glass Museum.
• Rockwell Museum of Western Art, Corning.
• George Washington’s Revolutionary War Headquarters, Newburgh.
• Original 17th
• Catskill Forest Preserve.
century Huguenot homes, New Paltz.
• Binghamton’s Antique Row, Cider Mill and/or Botanical Garden.

Suggest other alternatives! The final choices will be made by our sightseers.

Interested? Contact: Roger Eiss (; 360 607-7714). Or detach and mail to Roger
Eiss, 2217 NE 179th
Street, Ridgefield WA 98642.

__ I’d like more information about: __ biking __ golfing __sightseeing

__ Contact me. I have some ideas about sightseeing.

__ I would like to bike, but want to partner with another/others to split each day.

__ I would like to connect with the group as they come through my area along Route 17.

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