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Ceralink Top Winner in DOE’s Industrial Energy Efficiency Grand Challenge

Troy, New York – Ceralink Inc., a leader in materials engineering and technology commercialization, announced today that it is the top winner in Department of Energy’s (DOE) Industrial Energy Efficiency Grand Challenge.

Dr. Holly Shulman, AU class of 1987, is president and chief technical officer at Ceralink. Chief executive officer is Patricia M. Strickland, AU class of 2002.

The DOE Grand Challenge will fund the development of transformational industrial processes and technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and decrease energy demand. The extremely competitive Grand Challenge included universities, national laboratories and companies of all sizes. Ceralink, a woman owned small business, was selected to win 3 awards totaling $1.21 million, making them the biggest winner.

Ceralink’s technology advancements will expand the use of microwaves and radio frequency for direct heating of materials. “We are extremely pleased to come out the top winner competing with so many high tech companies including Fortune 100’s,” said Patricia Strickland, CEO of Ceralink.

Ceralink’s first project is to establish manufacturability potential of FastFuseTM, an RF lamination technology that offers ultra-rapid, low energy lamination for glass and ceramics. Target markets include auto, architectural, armor, and solar panels. A second project will study the use of microwave heating to reduce energy usage in hydrocarbon cracking. Initial efforts will focus on ethylene, the nation’s largest volume chemical. The third project will demonstrate limestone calcination using Microwave Assist Technology (MAT). MAT is a hybrid technology that uses a combination of microwave and radiant energy and is projected to cut energy consumption by 50%.

Ceralink is a technology commercialization company specializing in materials consulting, R&D, microwave technology and scale up, materials analysis, and lean green engineering. Throughout their 10 years in business, Ceralink has combined top notch engineering with materials innovation and dedication to the development of sustainable manufacturing solutions. Ceralink invites you to check out today and see how we can help you improve manufacturing efficiency in your business.

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