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Reunion Bikers looking for 'roadside' alums

David Conrad '76, Roger Eiss '58, and Jim Randall '77 will bike to the 2012 AU reunion from Mars! (Mars, Pa., that is.) We now have word that Dave Perry '61 and his wife Kate, veterans of the 2011 bike ride from Lake Placid, will join them! The critical mass is building!

David Holleb '77 has signed up for the final three days of the six-day trip. He will join us in Coudersport Pa. Richard Rygiel '76 will join us either in Bath or in Hornell for a day or two. Peter Stull '75 (proprietor of the bike shop in Alfred Station) will ride the final day from Hornell, with, to judge from our trips in 2010 and 2011, others from the Alfred community. We will also be joined by Ed Law '58 who rides his pre-WW II bike, the second-hand bike his dad gave him, with no gear shift to help him climb hills, for the final few miles of the trip.

But you don't have to bike to join the fun. Think about getting joining the bikers for lunch or dinner at a local restaurant as they pass through your area. Several alums did that last year! One alumna just met us by the side of the road (we knew she would be there). She was unable to fit any more into her schedule, but she wanted to spend 20 minutes expressing her support and chatting with us. We were delighted!

We traditionally celebrate arrival in Hornell with a dinner at the Sunset Inn Thursday night. Come early to the reunion and join us there! In addition to bikers we already have two retired AU profs signed up to share that celebration. In past years we have also had alums living in the Hornell area and early arrivals at the AU reunion join us at the Sunset.

This year the detailed itinerary will be:
•Sunday June 3: Mars, Pa. to Clarion, Pa.
•Monday June 4: Clarion, Pa. to St. Marys, Pa.
•Tuesday June 5: St. Marys, Pa. to Coudersport, Pa.
•Wednesday June 6: Coudersport, Pa. to Bath, N,Y,
•Thursday June 7: Bath to Hornell
•Friday June 8: Hornell to Alfred

Join the Bikers from Mars!
Bike trip flyer

To sign up or for trip information contact Roger Eiss