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Serious Play
If you are looking for a community where you can develop a unique perspective through critical independent thinking,

  • A place where the exchange of ideas and intellectual insights extend beyond the classroom,
  • A place where fantastically individual, quirky, fun, and eclectic personalities can meet, discuss, and learn,
  • A place where ideas and imagination are taken seriously,

Alfred University's Honors Program may be just the place for you.

Our mission
Alfred University's Honors Program aims to enrich your undergraduate education by providing seminars that give you the chance to explore ideas, topics, cultures, and obscurities outside your normal academics. Without interfering with the courses required for your major or minor, our program allows you to breathe, have fun, and explore the new and unusual with others who are as excited as you are about enriching their collegiate experience.

What Students Say...

"The Honors Program is wonderfully unpretentious. These are people who know not to take life too seriously, yet who take their studies seriously. What a great outlook." Jay Weisberger
In our honors seminars, students have explored chaos theory, bioethics, and popular culture. They have written children's books, studied "Harry Potter," discussed "Star Trek" and "The Sopranos," and learned how to make their own maple syrup. They have even prepared for the Zombie apocalypse! View the list of Honors Seminars for Spring, 2018.

Most of all, our program offers students the opportunity to grow and enhance their education with a unique twist that makes it both intriguing and challenging. That's why we say our Honors Program is "Serious Play." It's that something extra you get with an AU education. Check out our 2018 Honors Program Newsletter!

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