Adrienne Metzinger Image
Adrienne Metzinger
Class of 1998
Graduation Year(s): 1998
Managing Director
New York City

Adrienne Metzinger

When she was a student at Alfred, Adrienne Metzinger was known for imitating singers–especially throughout the halls of her residence hall. It wasn’t until Professor Luanne Crosby suggested voice lessons that Adrienne began to see herself as a singer. 


From then on, Adrienne’s time was divided between singing groups and the university’s rigorous graphic design program. Though much of her time was spent in the studio, her work paid off; her first interview in New York City landed her a position with Stan Adler Associates, a graphic design business. 


She joined an opera company based in Brooklyn, establishing One World Symphony alongside Sung Jin Hong, the opera’s conductor and her future husband. Adrienne became a performer, the managing director, and the stage director and graphic designer of the ensemble.