First Year Experience

There is much to look forward to during your first year at AU. First-Year Experience programs connect you to outstanding faculty, staff, and fellow students. Your education here means far more than grades. You will acquire confidence in asking questions and thinking critically. You will engage with viewpoints different than your own and discover how collaboration across disciplines can help us to solve some of society’s most complicated problems. You will also have transformative experiences that extend your learning beyond the classroom, such as study abroad, undergraduate research, and service learning.

Your Academic Journey Starts Here

The addition of new students to the Alfred University community each year is a major celebratory occasion. The first year of college is an important growth year for all new students—academically and personally. We invite each first-year student to fully engage with a commitment to making it a successful one. The faculty and staff are here to support new students in that process.

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Patricia Debertolis

Associate Dean of Students