Photo of Alex Yunevich
Alex Yunevich
Years on campus 1937 - 1971

Alex Yunevich

Alex Yunevich didn’t use play books. His quarterbacks didn’t run through rubber tires. There were no tackling dummies, nor charging sleds, nor extra laps around the field. When Alex coached football, he coached with unorthodox simplicity.

“Games are won with the head and heart.” –Alex Yunevich

Coach Yunevich steadfastly believed football was learned best on the field. Serving as the head football coach from 1937 to 1941 and again from 1946 until his retirement in 1971, his career tallied up a 177-85-12 record. During those years, this small college football program earned nearly unparalleled attention. The Saxons enjoyed six undefeated seasons and were Lambert Bowl Division III champions. Among his many honors, Alex was U.S. Navy veteran (he served during World War II) and was recognized as the nineteenth winningest coach in the all-time history of college football. The Yunevich Stadium was built in his honor.