Ben Fino-Radin
Graduation Year(s): 2007
Media archivist
New York, NY

Ben Fino-Radin

To recreate 3D pieces like those he encountered on the upper floors of Alfred’s art buildings, Ben Fino-Radin relied on needlepoint. After trekking to Wal-Mart to purchase plastic canvas and vibrant yarn, Ben began mimicking the pixilation in his work. His background as a studio artist would end up having a critical impact on his future career.


Ben is now a media archaeologist, archivist, and conservator. His company, Small Data Industries, strives to collect, preserve, and exhibit time-based media art. He works to ensure that valuable digital information remains accessible and usable. Further, because his experience as a studio artist helped give him a good understanding of the artist behind a work, the nuances of their materials, and how everything is made, Ben appreciates the artistic process. Rather than modifying older digital technology to fit today’s standards, his mission is to maintain the integrity of a given work – to let people see and experience it exactly as they did when it originally appeared.


Preventing the decay of digital art has allowed Ben to work in Rhizome’s archive, the ArtBase, as well as with the Museum of Modern Art. He has also been interviewed by New York Times, Art F City, and the Library of Congress, among others.