Photo of Edgard Rivera Valentin
Edgard Rivera-Valentin
Graduation Year(s): 2008
Staff Planetary Scientist and Project Manager

Edgard Rivera-Valentin

Edgard Rivera-Valentin chose to pursue a career in planetary science shortly after beginning his studies at Alfred University. Alfred’s Stull Observatory was a determining factor in his choice to attend; it was in this observatory that he found the opportunity to work closely with several of Alfred’s Geology and Physics professors.

After taking an Honors class, Edgard was offered a summer internship with the Lunar and Planetary Institute. His work, which involved impact cratering of the icy satellites, further encouraged his fascination with planetary science.

“I get to boldly explore new scientific boundaries and continuously study the wonders of our Universe.” –Edgard Rivera-Valentin

While at Alfred University, he majored in physics and mathematics and minored in planetary science. In 2012, he earned his PhD from the University of Arkansas. Edgard currently works in the Arecibo Observatory and is a member of the Universities Space Research Association.