Photo of Emma Buckthal
Emma Buckthal
Graduation Year(s): 2005
Senior Immigration Staff Attorney

Emma Buckthal

Emma Buckthal has always treasured the stories that are woven into human history. Her natural propensity for logic and philosophy further encouraged her to pursue a degree that would combine elements of each and have enduring impacts on the lives of others. In 2005, Emma graduated from Alfred University with her Bachelor's in history/philosophy. After finishing her undergraduate degree, she attended the University at Buffalo Law School for Law.

Emma currently works for the Erie County Bar Association’s Volunteer Lawyers Project, Inc. as a Senior Immigration Staff Attorney. She works closely with survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking. Emma’s expertise helps her apply the law to the facts presented in the survivors’ stories and assist them in legal processes. Her appreciation for the insights of the past has contributed immensely to the lives of so many individuals.

“Although my clients come to me with a variety of sad stories, I love knowing that my work can bring about a happy ending.” –Emma Buckthal