Photo of Emrys Westacott
Emrys Westacott
Years on campus 1997 -
Professor of Philosophy
Alfred, NY

Emrys Westacott

On Thursday afternoons at the Terra Cotta Coffee House, it’s not unusual to find Emrys Westacott doing what he loves: having good conversations. Dr. Westacott’s “Coffee Hour”, an informal meeting open to all, offers students an opportunity to share their thoughts. Whether it’s a commentary on current issues or metaphysical musings, the discussions are guaranteed to be thought-provoking.

Emrys has worked in the Human Studies department and as a philosophy professor at A.U. for over 20 years. A prolific reader and writer, his work has been featured in popular and scholarly publications alike; his most recent book, The Wisdom of Frugality: Why Less is More–More or Less, was published in 2016, and his article “Philosophers Who Like Stuff: Their Case Against Frugality” was published in the Fall 2017 issue of Humanities magazine.