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Frederic Beaudry
Year of Hire: 2010
Associate Professor
Department: Environmental Studies & Geology Division
Quebec, Canada

Esteemed and Widely Published Wildlife Ecologist

When Fred Beaudry visited the campus to interview for a position as an associate professor of Environmental Science, he realized something special about AU.

It was immediately clear to me that I had found a place full of kind, passionate, and interesting people. I wanted my family and I to be a part of that community.
Fred Beaudry with a Blue Jay

Fred has been working in the Environmental Studies & Geology Division at Alfred since August 2010. Out of the many events AU offers, the BFA senior art show is, hands down, his favorite. “I love seeing the artwork, but also the pride students take in their accomplishments,” he said. 

As an outdoorsman, Fred enjoys birding, gardening and hunting in his free time. He also runs a small maple syrup operation.

Learn more about Fred's professional accomplishments here.

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