Photo of John Mauro
John Mauro
Graduation Year(s): BA '01, PhD '06
Professor of Materials Science and Engineering
State College, PA

John Mauro

John Mauro’s fascination with glass began when he was a boy. After visiting the Corning Museum of Glass, he, like many others before him, was gripped by both the properties of glass and its aesthetic brilliance. While at Alfred University, he earned dual degrees in computer science and glass engineering science. After interning at Corning and working in industry, he chose to return to Alfred to pursue his doctorate in glass science. 

His work with glass has since created a worldwide impact. Corning’s Gorilla Glass, of which he is a co-inventor, has been used as the cover glass for billions of devices including cell phones, tablets, and other touch-screen technology.

He has joined the Penn State community after working in Corning’s research facilities for 18 years. By mentoring students, he hopes to foster and encourage a love for science in others.