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Kate Truini
Class of 2013
Graduation Year(s): 2013
Performance artist

Kate Truini

A small-town community native, Kate Truini knew she wanted to attend a small college when she started her first year. Interested in a strong performing arts and theater program, Kate turned to larger institutions like Emerson College in Boston, and New York University, but A.U.’s positive reputation and Miller Performing Arts Center convinced her that Alfred was the place to go.


After just a week of being on campus, she auditioned for a show and landed a female lead role. Combined with the experience she’d gleaned from high school, she considered herself a musical theater major with a dance minor. 


Kate is now a performance artist. She helps run The Sable Project, a non-profit arts organization in Vermont that encourages diverse artists to come together in a space that challenges their creativity. As part of the program, artists live and work on the land to produce food and art. Summer, fall, and guest residency programs are being offered this year.


Kate finds much of her inspiration in nature, the human condition, faith, and food. It is through a combination of these sources that she hopes to enact positive social change.