Photo of Mark Zupan
Mark Zupan
Years on campus 2016 -
Alfred, NY

Mark Zupan

As Alfred University’s 14th president, President Mark Zupan has developed a profound understanding and appreciation for what it means to be an Alfredian. The quality of the people and the supportive community drew President Zupan here because A.U. isn't just about earning an education. It's about uniting people through common goals. 

“We gain strength from diversity…If we’re going to grow as human beings, colleges and universities should be the places where you bring different backgrounds [and] different thoughts…That’s what we really do at Alfred University.” –Mark Zupan

As a son of Yugoslavian immigrants, President Zupan recognizes the dangers of emphasizing differences rather than similarities. Throughout his presidency, he has striven to mend the past wounds of division and encourage future empathy. Through frequent emails, speeches, and conversations, President Zupan celebrates the widespread impacts alums have had around the world and encourages Alfredians to remember the university motto: “Fiat Lux”– Let there be light.