Photo of Melvin Bernstein
Melvin Bernstein
Graduation Year(s): 1980

Melvin Bernstein

Naturally quiet and gentle in disposition, Melvin Bernstein had an undeniable fondness for the power of the written word and a certain curiosity to explore what it meant to be human. Whenever he encountered a question, he became animated, for it wasn’t only the opportunity to explain the facts, but to do what he loved: teach.

“Between silence and noise are the words of our lives.” –Melvin Bernstein

An English professor for thirty years, Dr. Bernstein was fondly remembered by his students and fellows as a man devoted to sharing knowledge. Beyond that, he was remembered for helping students through times of personal adversity. In addition to English courses, the professor taught Western Civilization classes, mentored others, and was the leader of the campus Jewish community. The Hillel House, which was named in his honor, continued to have its meetings after his passing, and is still active.