Michael Jones McKean Image
Michael Jones McKean
Class of 2002
Graduation Year(s): 2002
Associate Professor
New York, NY

Michael Jones McKean

Michael Jones McKean was born in Micronesia but moved to Arden, Delaware, when he was very young. He studied art while attending Marywood University and later pursued his education at Alfred University, earning his MFA in 2002. Many of his installations and sculptures explore concepts of time, distance, and meaning; they often investigate the validity of contrasting themes such as natural and synthetic, fact and fiction, and past and future. Michael’s projects use diverse media and often require years to complete.


He has received numerous awards, including a Guggenheim Fellowship. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston and Shenkar University in Tel Aviv, Israel, among many others. He has lectured and taught extensively. He has held a professorship in the Sculpture and Extended Media Department at Virginia Commonwealth University since 2006.