Natalie Turco
Natalie Turco
Class of 2020
Westerly, RI

APEX: Engineering & Chemistry with a Side of Glassblowing!

A Junior at Alfred University, Natalie expanded her knowledge and experience when she received an internship grant through AU's Applied and Experiential learning program, APEX. During Allen Term 2018/19, she successfully completed her structural and mechanical engineering internship at submarine technology giant General Dynamics Electric Boat in Groton, Connecticut.

The APEX grant provided me with the ability to focus solely on the internship I was working as opposed to being distracted by the stress of financial demands.
Natalie Turco blowing glass

Natalie initially chose Alfred University because of its strong ceramic arts program, but she soon changed her major and has never looked back since. Eager to blend her interests in being hands on with her work, but also in developing functionality and creating an understanding of the "why" in materials, she found herself double majoring in mechanical engineering and chemistry. But you can still find Natalie dabbling in the ceramic and glass arts, sometimes blowing glass in AU's hot shop.

After she earns her degrees, Natalie aspires to become a structural engineer working on projects similar to those she worked on during her APEX internship at General Dynamics Electric Boat. In particular, she’s looking for a path that will lead her to a supervisory and ultimately a management position. She has also contemplated pursuing a career outside of the engineering industry, and in the realm of academia, she can potentially see herself with a PE Licensure holding a position as a university lecturer.

Natalie has a wide range of interests; she’s currently a member of the AU Conduct Board, Peer Review Board, Chemistry Club and Society of Women Engineers (SWE). She’s also taken on leadership roles, including Vice President of the Engineering Congress and Vice President, Treasurer and Function Coordinator of the Chemistry Club and many others.

My Life at Alfred and Beyond

Here are just some of the clubs, places and activities I love:

Natalie Turco

My Hobbies & Interests

VP (2018 - '19), Engineering Congress
VP (2017 - '18), Treasurer (2018 - '19), Function Coordinator (2016 - '17), AU Chemistry Club
Competitor (2017), NACE International - USDASC
Member (2017 - present), Women In Defense - NESC
Team Lead: Budget/Logistics (2016), AU SAE Mini Baja
Board Member (2016 - present), AU Conduct Board
Board Member (2016 - present), AU Peer Review Board
Member (2015 - present), AU Chemistry Club
Member (2015 - present), AU SWE
Member (2015 - present), AU ASME
VP (2018 - present), Parliamentarian (2017 - ’18) Tau Beta Pi
Member (2017 - present), Tau Beta Pi
Member (2017 - present), Omicron Delta Kappa
Member (2013 - present), International Deans List Society

My Favorite Places

Alex's College Spot
Terra Cotta Coffee House

My Topics

  • Research
  • APEX
  • Engineering
  • Internships
  • Professional Development