Photo of Paul Emerson Titsworth
Paul Emerson Titsworth
Graduation Year(s): 1904

Paul Emerson Titsworth

Despite being affected by tragedy in his youth, Paul Emerson Titsworth embodied unmistakable joviality during his life. After graduating from Alfred Academy in 1904, he earned his Doctorate in philosophy from the University of Wisconsin and was conferred Doctor of Laws from A.U. and Washington University in 1927 and 1933, respectively.

Dr. Titsworth’s vast appreciation for language and literature, which he had cultivated in his childhood, brought him to Alfred’s English department. Even when placed in an administrative position as Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, he was preeminently an educator and student who was fascinated not only with books, but with people and ideas.

“I am interested, therefore, in an education which shall tone up citizenship in all the social, political, and economic relations of [people].” –Paul Emerson Titsworth

As A.U.’s sixth president, Dr. Titsworth asserted “responsible citizenship”– the principle of not living an easy life of private gain, but serving others before oneself – and the importance of a global perspective.