Photo of Richard Sturzebecher
Richard Sturzebecher
Graduation Year(s): 1958
Tinton Falls, NJ

Richard Sturzebecher

When combined with his work-ethic, the skills and connections Richard Sturzebecher ’58 formed while at AU helped advance and inspire his career. Originally a student at Alfred State, Richard transferred into Alfred’s ceramic engineering program at the end of his first year.

Although his influential educators were many, Richard credits Harold Simpson, Van Derck Frechette, and Willard Sutton as the professors who impacted him most. He often worked closely with these professors, whether it was pouring glass into molds, measuring the index of refraction for different types of glass, or discussing ideas and information. Even the courses which were not directly related to his major – such as the radio and television repair correspondence course he took – offered him practical knowledge which has since aided his career.

After graduating, he worked at the Signal Corps, Corning, Bell Labs, and Xerox. His drive for innovation helped him write the formula for fiber optics and develop toner, among other accomplishments. His current work focuses on the potential of energy storing glass crystals. 

"People will respond to you well and professionally if you’re a hard worker." – Richard Sturzebecher