Picture of Sebastian White
Sebastian White
Graduation Year(s): 2003
Director of Corporate Communications
New York, NY

Sebastian White

Sebastian White arrived on Alfred University’s campus stunned by the range of possibilities and opportunities that awaited him. Like many incoming students, he was uncertain of the career he hoped to one day find, but was nevertheless adamant to explore his options. After experimenting with various majors, Sebastian found his niche: sociology. He experienced a connection to the subject from the first day of class and decided to major in it.

Sebastian’s degree led him to an unexpected career in commercial aviation. A few years after graduation, Sebastian interviewed for a position offered by JetBlue’s marketing team. He now travels across the globe and visits exotic locations. While on his journeys, he gets to experience other cultures, bringing him back to his roots in sociology.

“I’ve learned that life is all about finding passion in unexpected places and leaving yourself open to possibilities you may never have dreamed about.” –Sebastian White