Picture of Shannon Rogers
Shannon Rogers
Years on campus 2015 -

Shannon Rogers

As a small town high school student, Shannon Rogers’ ambitions for college centered on an education in the fine arts. Boasting a renowned undergrad degree in Fine Arts, Alfred University would become Shannon’s first choice. But after reading about the ceramic engineering concentration in Alfred University’s Inamori School of Engineering, Shannon was inspired to change directions and embrace the challenges of a rigorous ceramic engineering major.

Feeling underutilized at a summer 2017 internship at aerospace electronics manufacturer Amphenol Aerospace, Shannon created her own project. Leveraging the use of a 3D printer and a unique resin that caught her eye at an industry expo, she was able to eliminate a lengthy prototype creation process, saving Amphenol thousands in hard costs and downtime in just a few weeks.

Impressed with Shannon’s initiative and creative use of resources, Amphenol extended Shannon an open invitation to return for future internship and co-op opportunities. Further professional networking and creative thinking opened even more doors for Shannon, and she’s nowhere near reached her potential. Her continuing education involves conceptualizing and organizing research projects with her student peers, attending ceramic engineering conferences, and touring state-of-the-art engineering facilities whenever possible.