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Steve Skeates
Class of 1969
Graduation Year(s): 1969

Steve Skeates

After his first year at Alfred University, Steve Skeates shifted from a math major to an English literature major, a field which was more suited to his career goals. As a boy, Steve dreamt of becoming a writer and, later, a humorist. Prior to his graduation, he sent an application letter to Stan Lee, the editor-writer of Marvel Comics.


As Lee’s assistant editor, Steve proofread finished comics. He quickly transferred to writing westerns. He also worked for companies such as Tower, Charlton, DC, and Warren Publishing, among others. He was awarded the Shazam Award (1972 and 1973), the Warren Award (1973), and the Bill Finger Award (2012). He additionally wrote under the pseudonyms Chester P. Hazel and Warren Savin.