Yvonne Squadrilli at her desk smiling for the camera
Yvonne Squadrilli
Year of Hire: 1999
AU Fresh Associate, Ade Dining Hall
Alfred Station, NY

The Egg Lady

When students enter Ade Dining Hall for a bite to eat, it’s no surprise that they're each greeted by name. Yvonne Squadrilli, affectionately known around campus as "The Egg Lady," has personally greeted thousands of students in her 20 years of working in food service at AU, even memorizing (give or take) each student's breakfast egg order! To Yvonne, it's not about the eggs, but what they represent: the uniqueness of each AU student.

The diversity is what makes this place special; I love the diversity.
Yvonne Squadrilli at her desk checking a student in

After working as a chef in NYC, Yvonne moved to Alfred Station and took various cooking positions at local restaurants. Eager to put down deeper roots in the Alfred community, she accepted a position with the AVI Food team, and launched a wonderfully rewarding career in food service at AU.

In addition to serving as The Egg Lady and check-in desk hostess at Ade, Yvonne has also worked in food service at Powell Campus Center and has assisted in numerous catering events over the years. She even hosted a campus radio show on the University radio station, WALF, featuring eclectic music from around the world. She often featured guests on the program, and whenever she hosted contests, she was certain to give away homemade cookies as prizes. Yvonne also enjoys socializing with students outside of Ade and ventures down to the Terra Cotta for coffee and good conversations every now and then.

When Yvonne isn't with students, she enjoys spending time at home with her many cats and admittedly enjoys spoiling the dickens out of them. She also tends to her flower and vegetable gardens and knits. She sometimes brings her knitted creations with her to work, surprising someone in the AU with a very heartfelt gift.

Yvonne is one of the many wonderful people who make Alfred so Alfred.

My Life at Alfred and Beyond

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Yvonne Squadrilli

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