Photo of Traci Molloy
Traci Molloy
Graduation Year(s): 1992

Traci Molloy

Even as a child, Traci Molloy knew to the depths of her being that she was an artist. Early on, she realized her art was a vessel that enabled her to reach others and challenge many social justice issues that plague our everyday lives. Recognizing her fierce devotion to others as well as her determination to promote social equality, Traci’s father encouraged her to become an educator.

While attending Alfred University, Traci concentrated her studies on printmaking, glassblowing, and education. She also played soccer for four years. For Traci, being an athlete shares many common features with being an artist; to be successful, one must be disciplined, determined, and willing to push past boundaries.

For the past twenty years, Traci has been working as an independent artist and an education activist. Her work is a resolute call to those who come from the fringes of society – those who feel dismissed, deprived, and distanced, whether it's caused by poverty, loss, war-related circumstances, or other traumas. She partners with young co-collaborators to help create pieces that illuminate their experiences.

“It is in those moments of connection, of shared humanity, that you can see mental connections being made, you can witness stereotypes being broken, and empathy taking place. It is a wonderful thing to bear witness to.” –Traci Molloy

Her artistic collaborations have been presented in locations such as the U.N., the Pentagon, the CDC, and are found in various other public spaces, galleries, and institutions nationwide. She also has five collaborations featured in the permanent collection of the National September 11th Memorial and Museum. Traci regularly lectures about her work at professional conferences and on college campuses throughout the country. Traci uses her art to educate, question, and provoke social change across America.