amy dekay
Amy DeKay
Year of Hire: 2022
VP for Student Experience
Department: Student Experience
Buffalo, NY

Welcome, Medaille Friends

I came to Alfred University in July 2022 after working at Medaille College, my beloved alma mater, for 25 years. I’ve been so happy to find so many similarities between my new community at Alfred and the community I shared with my friends at Medaille.

We have a big round table, and everyone is welcome.
amy dekay

At Medaille, we talked about and worked for civic engagement. Here at Alfred University, we work for social justice. The words change; the values are the same. At Medaille, we valued diversity, equity and inclusion; we wanted everyone to have a place at the table. And that is what I’ve experienced at Alfred University. We have a big round table, and everyone is welcome.

And I love sports. At Medaille, I oversaw 19 varsity sports. At Alfred University, we have 23, and we belong to the same athletic conference, Empire 8. So, I get to continue living in the kinds of environments I’ve always loved and want to continue supporting and nurturing. I’m a Saxon now, and I welcome Medaille students to join me here, in the “collegiest town” in the U.S. I promise: You will be happy experiencing the magic of our valley!

My Life at Alfred and Beyond

Here are just some of the clubs, places and activities I love:

Amy DeKay

My Hobbies & Interests

  • Student Life
  • Athletics
  • Leadership
  • Social Justice

My Favorite Places

  • Foster Lake
  • Powell Campus Center

My Topics

  • Social Justice