William O Connor
William O'Connor
Class of 1992
Graduation Year(s): 1992

William O'Connor

At just ten years old, William O’Connor enrolled in the Huntington School of Fine Arts (HSFA). He studied there for eight years; when he graduated from Haborsfield Highschool, he had been awarded scholarships at several leading art schools.


William favored Alfred for its diversity and close-knit community. Though he explored a range of expression-based fields (including acting and philosophy), his interests always remained rooted in painting. He received his first commission during his senior year, and following his graduation, he began working as a freelance illustrator who specialized in Science Fiction and Fantasy art.


Over the course of several years, William completed over three thousand illustrations. He was involved in hundreds of projects across America. Activision, Alderac Entertainment Group, Harper Collins, and Lucas Films were just some of the many companies he designed for.