Cohen Gallery

  • Academic

Cohen Gallery seeks to create opportunities for students, faculty, and alumni to engage in the professional activities of curating and organizing art exhibitions from the ground up, providing valuable experience in the business aspects of art.

Statistics and History

  • Constructed: circa 1890s
  • In Honor of: The Cohen Family
  • At this venue:
    • Art Gallery
    • The Shop at Cohen (purchase fine arts & crafts)
    • Visiting artist apartments
    • Freshman Foundation studios

Cohen Gallery was created by the generous gift of Michele and Martin Cohen, parents of Adam Cohen, Class of 2003. Learn more about Cohen Gallery.

About this Facility

Once a fraternity house, this turn-of-the-century Victorian house was converted to an art gallery on the first floor, Cohen Gallery, with apartments for visiting artists and faculty members on the second floor. In a newly constructed building behind the house is Cohen Studios, housing Freshman Foundation studios and wide-open, flexible spaces for various projects.

Cohen Studios

Home to studio space dedicated to Freshmen Foundations students, Cohen Studios provides a wide open, versatile space for a variety of works of all shapes and sizes to be created and presented. Bright, young artists are introduced to the space as part of their orientation and is leveraged throughout the first year and beyond. Cohen Studios provides a significant amount of the over 126,000 square feet of studio and classroom space available to art and design students.

In addition to its use as dedicated studio space for first-year art and design students, Cohen Studios is also frequently the preferred venue for senior thesis exhibitions, art shows, performances, and receptions. Cohen Studios is conveniently located on the same property as Cohen Gallery.

Hours Information

Academic Hours
Weekdays: 11am-4pm
Weekends: 1pm-3pm
Closed on University Holidays & between sessions

Summer Hours (June/July)
Tues - Sun: 11am - 2pm
Closed July 4th and 5th