Kruson Hall

Kruson Residence Hall

  • Residence Hall

Kruson Hall is a traditional corridor-style residence hall for mixed class years located on the south side of campus. Coed by floor, Kruson offers 45 double rooms and 8 singles. With a main lounge for impromptu gatherings, meetings and television watching, Kruson provides an opportunity for a close-knit community to develop.

Statistics and History

  • Accommodations for 95 students
  • 4 Resident Assistants
  • 1 Resident Director
  • Free laundry
  • Constructed: 1956
  • In Honor of: Christie A. Kruson Class of 1875 (H 1886)

About this Facility

Other amenities include a laundry facility and full kitchen. All inclusive ground floor common area for studying and small gatherings. Resident students choose Kruson primarily due to its close proximity to Herrick Library, Powell Cam Center, Crandall Health Center and Academic Alley.


What Students Say...

"Rooms are nice and spacious."

"All  inclusive ground floor common area for studying and small gatherings."

"Close to all my classes and I never have to walk up a hill!!"

"The rooms are set up really great. The shelves are a nice addition and very useful."