Moskowitz Hall

Moskowitz Residence Hall

  • Residence Hall

With renovations completed in 2018, Moskowitz Hall offers a nice view of campus and is closest to the Science Center, Ade Dining Hall, the Miller Performing Arts buildings, and McLane Center.

Statistics and History

  • Renovated: 2017-2018
  • Dedicated to: Ann Moskowitz
  • 9 single rooms
  • 45 double rooms
  • Flexible classroom space
  • Alfred University's first true living-learning community: Unity House


About this Facility

Newly renovated to provide modern, mixed class housing, Moskowitz Hall offers Alfred University students a sense of home, something that long-time donor Ann Moskowitz, to whom the residence hall is dedicated, takes to heart. She, along with her husband Joel '61 were also instrumental in creating other close-knit special interest communities through their financial support in the construction of Ann's House and Joel's House in 2004 and 2009 respectively.

Like Ann's House and Joel's House, Moskowitz features several gathering spaces for students, particularly kitchens where they can cook and share meals together. Additionally, the residence hall features a large game room, fitness room, and lounge, as well as several new single occupancy rooms which are increasing in demand.