Outdoor Kiln

Outdoor Kiln

  • Academic

Our Outdoor Kiln facility features opened for student use in the Spring of 2017. It currently has nine kilns with room for a tenth. The Kiln facility is used year round by students and classes. The outdoor kilns are also a favorite of the Summer Ceramic Workshop participants and instructors.

About this Facility

Our incredible outdoor kiln facility includes 9 different kilns including:

  • Train Kiln (16 feet long)
  • Large Crossdraft Soda Kiln
  • Large Car Kiln (track is 12' long with a rotating door, allowing for building on the car from all angles)
  • Small Soda Kiln
  • Small Salt Kiln
  • Raku Kiln
  • Large Salt Kiln
  • Salt Kiln (30 cubic feet)
  • Soda Kiln (30 cubic feet)

Each chimney is 27.5' tall and is built with about 850 fire bricks per chimney (train kiln chimney is more). Chimneys have a longer life than the kilns so they are built in a way that allows for the chimney to remain while a new kiln can be built up to it. One chimney may serve three or four kilns in its lifetime.