Pine Hill Suites

Pine Hill Suites

  • Residence Hall

Home to upperclassmen, the Pine Hill Suites consist of seven buildings divided between Upper and Lower Pine. Norwood, Phillips, Tredennick and Crawford are located on Upper Pine, while Shults, Davis and Kenyon are on Lower Pine.

Statistics and History

  • 10 suites per building
  • 3 double rooms share a full bath, kitchenette, and delivering room area
  • Supervised by 3 RD's and 8 RA's
  • Constructed: 1971

About this Facility

Each building has 10 apartment-style suites housing six students in three double bedrooms, a living room and a kitchenette. All seven of these buildings accommodate the students' extracurricular and academic needs. Lounges in each suite building provide entertainment in the form of billiards, ping-pong and television and include a full-size refrigerator and range/oven. A quiet computer lab is available in each as well for students to work.


What Students Say...

"I love living here! It's much easier to share a bathroom with only five other people."

"Great view!"

"The common area lounge is HUGE! It's nice to go in there and chill with your friends."

"Like a little village - - everybody knows everybody."

"Good privacy with laundry facilities just off the main lounge in each building."

"Bake in your own suite and the whole building can smell it. Yum!"