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Environmental Speakers Series to rock: on Earthquakes

Jessica Domino, visiting assistant professor Geology at Alfred University, will deliver a Dec. 2 talk on earthquakes as part of the University’s Environmental Studies Speakers Series. Domino’s talk is entitled: "The Changing Flavor of Earthquakes - From Natural to Induced and the Sour Taste Left Behind."

As a geologist, Domino is interested in earthquakes and volcanoes along tectonic boundaries. Her research focuses on the material properties of Earth's interior through the study of seismic waves.

 Her interests have led to her becoming a contractor for Texas Seismological Network and Seismology Research (TexNet) as a seismic analyst. As an analyst, she helps determine where earthquakes within the state originate and assigns the magnitude of each event. Texas has seen a recent rise in seismicity as a result of oil and gas extraction, with some of these earthquakes causing damage to infrastructure. She will discuss how this rise in induced seismicity affects us living on Earth's crust.

 The lectures of the Environmental Studies Speakers Series are held from 12:30 to 1:10 pm in Roon Lecture Hall (Room 247) of The Science Center. Everyone is welcome, and refreshments are served.