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History Professor Mallory Szymanski to deliver lecture at Susan B. Anthony Museum and House

Alfred University Assistant Professor of History Mallory Szymanski will deliver a lecture at the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House, in Rochester, NY, on Monday, March 13 from 1 to 2:30 pm.

Szymanski’s lecture, “Discerning Doctors from Quacks: the art, science, and social practice of men’s sexual health in late-nineteenth century United States,” will examine mental health issues facing men in the 19th century. Those issues may sound familiar to a modern audience –  anxiety, fatigue, indigestion, sexual debilities – but in the 19th century United States, finding reliable information regarding such issues could be difficult.

Szymanski’s lecture explores “two unexpected places men could find such information: evening lectures at the local YMCA and popular novels by neurologist S. Weir Mitchell. Focused on engendering trust, these sources encouraged men to see doctors as confidants, confessors, and friends.”

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Szymanski joined the Alfred University faculty in 2018 and teaches in the Division of Human Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is a gender historian who writes about medicine and culture in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. She also is an assistant producer for the podcast Sexing History and serves as co-editor of Clio and the Contemporary.