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The Importance of Having Difficult Conversations

The Alfred University President’s Committee on Diversity (PCoD) is hosting a series of conversations aimed at promoting an inclusive and accepting campus environment.

The first of the conversations will he held on Wednesday, March 15, from 12:20-1 p.m. in the Knight Club, Powell Campus Center. Food and beverages will be provided to those in attendance.

Wednesday’s event will focus on the importance of having difficult conversations. Often, people avoid addressing difficult topics, which frequently lead to misunderstandings, rivalries, and even hatred. We often prefer arguing over listening to each other. There seems to be a need to be right and label others wrong for having different perspectives and points of views. Wednesday’s event will discuss how to engage in difficult conversations and the role that plays in fostering inclusivity and acceptance.

Among the questions that will be addressed at Wednesday’s campus conversation are:

  • What kinds of issues count as difficult conversations?
  • Is the Alfred University space a safe place for discussing these topics?
  • What could we do to not isolate, and ostracize those with different opinions?
  • What is the effect of bans on teaching certain topics in a university setting?


Please RSVP through this link if you can join us so that we can get an accurate count for the free lunch that will be provided to participants.