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MFA student Tianchan Chen featured on global MANA platform

Tianchan Chen, an MFA student in Alfred University’s School of Art & Design + Performing Arts, recently received global recognition for his work “Infinitus,” which was selected as the top-ranking piece in the world by the MANA art platform, a media platform in the global art industry.

Tianchan’s work is praised by Dongshen, chief editor of MANA, as pushing “the boundaries of traditional art forms and explore new forms of expression. His inclusion in the MANA platform showcase is a testament to his unique vision and dedication to advancing the field of art through cross-disciplinary collaboration. His artworks serve as a shining example of the potential for innovative ideas and creativity to emerge from the intersection of art and technology.”

Tianchan’s work may be seen on the MANA website.

The MANA platform has announced that it will be sharing a monthly showcase of cross-border innovations in the art, technology, and design fields worldwide. The global showcase last month featured  feature 22 works from various countries, including China, Britain, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, India, Italy, Denmark, and Saudi Arabia.

Tianchan is expected to receive his MFA in 2024.