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Students make second visit to NYSEG facility

Seven Alfred University students, majoring in engineering and computer science, visited the New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) facility in Vestal, NY, on Thursday, April 20. It marks the second time in two weeks a group of Alfred University students visited Binghamton, NY-area facility, where they were able to network with NYSEG officials and talk about potential employment opportunities.

Xingwu Wang, professor of electrical engineering and renewable energy engineering, accompanied the students to the NYSEG Energy Control Center (ECC). Students toured the facility and learned about its operations, talked with employees, and discussed potential internship and job opportunities at NYSEG. Wang said the visit was beneficial for students as it demonstrated how what they learned in their first-year classes can be applied to potential careers.

Students who took part in the visit to the NYSEG facility said it was valuable in that it demonstrated an industry to which they will be able to apply their degree.

“I really enjoyed getting to see the facilities. I learned a lot on that trip,” said first-year engineering student Jane Heffernan. “I never realized the intricacies behind gas and electric systems and just how important they are to everyday life.”

“It was great to see how engineers are making money after school,” added student Beatrice Crespo.

Wang accompanied a group of 10 students on a similar visit to the NYSEG ECC facility on April 6. The students were invited to submit their resumes to NYSEG for possible internships and full-time employment. Both trips were supported by funding from the Alfred University Division of Student Experience, through the University’s Career Development Center.