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Alfred University’s reputation in ceramic art highlighted in recent news stories

Alfred University’s reputation for expertise and accomplishment in the field of ceramic art is reflected in a pair of recent news stories which featured Wayne Higby, director of the Alfred Ceramic Art Museum.

A world-renowned ceramic artist and educator, Higby was interviewed for a story titled “Celebrating Ceramic Art in Alfred” which aired May 31 on Buffalo television station WGRZ.

Higby was also quoted in a recent story in the New York Times about the rising popularity of pottery workshops. The story, titled “Get Lost in Clay, Even if it’s Just for the Weekend,” appeared in the May 31 issue of the Times.

 “Clay is the opposite of the cellphone,” said Higby, explaining the resurgence in the popularity of pottery as an art form. “This stuff is real, takes up space, it’s dirty. There’s just this physicality that is very different from what we experience six or eight hours a day sitting in front of a computer.”