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Prague Quadrennial has several Alfred University connections

D. Chase Angier, professor of dance in Alfred University’s School of Art and Design + Performing Arts Division, presented a talk during the recent Prague Quadrennial, where she served as an International juror. The Prague Quadrennial was held June 8-18 in Prague, Czech Republic.

As International Juror for the PQ Exhibition of Countries and Regions, and the Student Exhibition, Angier judged 93 scenographic projects. She collaborated on the talk with Marketa Fantova, former assistant professor of theater design at Alfred University now serving as artistic director for the Prague Quadrennial (PQ), and Alfred University alumna Evelyne Leblanc-Roberge ’11 MFA.

In their talk, Angier, Fantova, and Leblanc-Roberge reflected on their experience co-creating “Letter to the World,” a sequential multimedia project installed and performed in various locations over 12 years.

Angier, Fantova, and Roberge weren’t the only participants in the Prague Quadrennial with connections for Alfred University. Laurel Jay Carpenter, former associate professor and assistant professor of fine art in the Bachelor of Arts, Fine Arts program, and Therese Longva, ’08 (BFA) co-wrote a book about their artwork—"10 Together: Performances by Longva+Carpenter”—which won the PQ Best Publication Award.

The book, published in 2022, is an overview of Carpenter’s and Longva’s collaborative practice in durational visual art performance. It provides a chronology of work presented from 2010 to 2020 in galleries and public spaces, in city centers and small towns from the rural USA to islands in Norway.

Maureen Weiss, former associate professor of performance, design, and technology in the Division of Performing Arts, presented a talk on her book, “Scene Shift: U.S. Set Designers in Conversation.”

Shannon Klotz ’23 (BFA) served as a stage manager at the PQ, and Sven Jonke and Marianela Boan, past guest artists to Alfred University, and Sophie Jump, who presented a virtual lecture to Alfred University students last year, served as PQ jurors.